Sacha’s CrossFit Workshop – How to Improve your Skills

Let’s Get Back to the Basics

Sacha’s first and foremost focus – making sure you know the basic core movements before you start flailing yourself around on the bar.

It starts with mobility work.

Then CORE work.

Then more mobility and more core work and even then you don’t get on the bar until you understand the basic movements and form needed in order to execute each rep with accuracy and efficiency.

If you want to become a super-athlete like Sacha, here’s what you need to start doing… 

Step 1. Work Up Your Mobility

Shoulder mobility.

Hip mobility.

Wrist mobility.

Ankle mobility.

You need it all.

Click here for LP’s mobility routine

Step 2. Start from the Ground Up

Working on your core – hollow and superman positioning. Holds and rocks. Getting comfortable snapping into the movement and out. Get comfortable holding it, maintaining your form 20-30 seconds. Then start to rock. Then maybe add some weight (med ball or plate). Then start those same progressions on the bar. Practice the hold, then start to swing.

Step 3. If you Fail, go back to the Start

If you just spent 30 minutes practicing perfect form and lose it on your first rep of pull ups or TTB, there’s no point in doing the rep because it’s taking up more energy doing it the wrong way rather than the right way. Stop, go back to the first practice set you did, hold, then rock, then GO!

If you want to learn more about Sacha and her story, click below for her pages. 

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