The Fit Life – 2019.1 – LP Experts

“Ordinary people love Entertainment, Extraordinary people adore Education”

Robin Sharma

Like building this amazing community of hard working, goal-oriented and quite frankly INSANE individuals, Coach Adam had another dream of building a Professional Team of Coaches, Doctors, Specialists and Therapists to make the ultimate team to enable you to reach higher and achieve more.

Performance is for Everyone.

We have learned that fitness and optimal health is about so much more than a daily workout! 

Performance is driven from the following Pillars:

  • Fitness, Nutrition , Mindset, Recovery, Community

Because of this, we have surrounded ourselves with a group of trusted experts to provide you with the tools needed for all-around success.

​Teamwork is the heart of our community. We work together to support each other, our partners, and our clients because health is a universal challenge.

To do our part in this universal challenge, we will be upping our education game and blogging each Thursday on all the topics listed above. LP or our partners. Each week we will discuss topics that have been designed based on questions, needs and wants of our Members and Community.

Welcome to the LP Blog.

For this week, have a peak at our most popular topics from 2018 that our Team of Coaches and Professionals have researched on The Fit Life Educational Blog:

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