The Fit Life – 2019.12 – Lessons From Member to Coach

 “It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently.”

– Tony Robbins

Just less than 3 years ago, I walked into LP as a timid 22-year-old, looking for extra support as I recovered from a labral tear surgery in my hip after 4 years of NCAA hockey.

I became a member and loved the idea of clicking a single button on the app, a small act, but just enough to keep me committed to my workout. I showed up for the class, and I left, trusting I was in good hands along the way (Thanks Coach Ally 😀).

Now, 3 exciting years later, I have two years of coaching at LP under my belt; I have been through a year and a half of school, completing a diploma in Holistic Nutrition; and most recently, I have spent the last 10 months as LP’s Member Experience Coordinator getting to know many of our LP members, figuring out what drives them to become successful in the gym, and what gets them genuinely excited about the gym.

Through my journey from a member to part-time coach to full-time-fully-committed-LP’er-for-life, I learned of a few small things I would focus on that evidently shapes a successful fitness and health experience:

1. Engage with Your Gym Community

We know being a part of a community is necessary for your mental health, but as it turns out, it’s also extremely beneficial for your physical health, too.

I was clearly an introvert back then (and still am), working out at LP for almost year before making any concrete friendships or joining my first challenge. Like I said, I came, I worked out, and I left, flying under the radar for longer than I should have. Now, 3 years later, I know that truly diving into the gym community drives commitment, success and results.

It was the 2017 Frozen Four LP Challenge that got me out of my “social” comfort zone and it was the 2018 Frozen Four that redefined my commitment to my fitness after finishing a stressful 18 months of school.

With more focus at the gym and a regular routine, I learned of all the benefits of a workout buddy (shout out to Sandy!). I, too, have moments where rest days seem a whole lot more appealing than a workout (I am human), but I genuinely don’t want to let her down, so I click that simple button, enough to get me there again. (It’s give and take, because I know she needs me there to calculate her numbers, too 😜)

The ultimate fitness community includes not just one, but multiple methods to keep you accountable and multiple opportunities to push the boundaries of your comfort zone.

Does your fitness community give you opportunities to stay engaged? Check out our LP challenges/Events here!

2. Maintain “Focused Form” in Workouts

I can vividly remember struggling with a 65-lb bench press in my first year as a college athlete. Over the course of 4 years, I developed and worked to gain strength, but I can also confidently say that I am stronger and fitter now than I ever was as a Division I athlete.

Assessing and assisting members through their workouts, and working through my own provides insight on what earns the best results, and also what sabotages them.

Most critically, I encourage you to do all movements fully and properly. Forget the comparison between you and the people you think you should be stronger than, forget about trying to impress anyone, and forget about your normal “expectations.” Dial back to a beginner mindset if needed, and focus on improving yourself.

For example, push to 90 degrees on your squats if it means using slightly less weight. You’ll build better form, have the opportunity to review your technique and, shockingly, you can evidently feel yourself getting stronger. (Right, Erin?!?!? 😍)

Secondly, think critically about the muscles being used in a given movement, and be overly mindful to engage them properly. The best part? You don’t have to be a fitness expert to figure this out. If you’re doing a movement meant to strengthen your quads, but your lower back is hurting, re-consider your form. If you’re doing kipping pull-ups and your shoulder joints are taking a painful beating, re-consider your technique. If you’re tackling a complex movement, and you can’t seem to figure it out, seek out a resource….. I know a few at LP 😏

Does your fitness facility provide resources during your workouts? Meet our coaches here!

3. Create Personal Goals

This may actually come as a surprise, but I’m not a gym rat. I need other reasons to stay devoted beyond doing it “for the love of health and fitness.” I need to write down a bigger goal (or goals) to stay committed to the day-to-day, and engaged in the process.

It’s critical to create greater purpose in everyday actions. This is where I’ve seen the most success for myself, as well as in the accomplishments of our members. It’s no longer about going through the motions at the gym just to simply lose weight or just to be healthy. Instead, it becomes about committing to something greater; something that requires you to push your boundaries as you actively work towards it.

Think about what you want to achieve and what you need in order to take the first step. Chances are, you already have it – and once you begin to see improvements and results, you can use the momentum to propel forward. Maybe, just maybe, your fitness is no longer a chore, but a part of your day you actually look forward to.

As LP coaches, we aren’t here to tell you what your goals are, but instead to plant seeds about reaching for greater and then being a resource as you strive to achieve it. Your goals are for you to define, and for us to support.

Does your fitness regime include big goals that you’re motivated to work towards? Connect with us on social media to see what our LP members are up to!

4. Always Keep Learning

Regardless of where you are at in your fitness and health journey, the learning never ends. You can always gain more technique work or nutrition tips, but most importantly, keep learning about how you can apply it all to your life.

Seek out resources – websites, podcasts, books and people. Find trusted fitness professionals, nutrition professionals and health professionals (life coaches, naturopaths, massage therapists, chiropractors etc) that will support you with your goals…AND, as your network of professionals gets to know you, you have the pleasure of learning more about yourself – including specific areas of improvements to focus on as you continue becoming a better, stronger and more fulfilled version of yourself.

Does your fitness community have a network of professionals to support your goals? Check out our professionals here!

So, I’ll end it here: Take a second and ask yourself, what are you doing today that your future self will thank you for?

For me, it was walking into LP as a timid 22-year-old, just short of three years ago.

LP Members I hope you enjoyed this incredible insight from a former newbie and now LP Veteran! 

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