The Fit Life – 2019.13 – Mastering the Pull Up

 “What seems impossible today will one day become your warmup”

The Ultimate Test of Body Weight Strength

Nothing like the feeling of elevating your entire body weight up to that bar. A bucket list exercise for most. But definitely one of the hardest to conquer.

Whether you’re going for your first strict pull up, working on improving your ability to do kipping pull ups or trying to get your first muscle up, the strict pull up is your foundation for SUCCESS.

We have seen the struggles:

  1. The big pull and that body just wont budge an inch
  2. The huge hip pop to try and use all that momentum to get up
  3. Shoulders shrugging at the top to try and pull yourself up that last bit

Yes, for sure you are putting a lot of energy and effort into it. But at the same time, not being very effective and leaving room for potential injury.

This is where the strict pull up comes in. We need it to build strength and body position to set us up for success. The pull up requires a strength program/plan and commitment to the plan.

Check out the video below for a proven 3-step program to conquer the pull up:

Step 1: Grip Strength

Step 2: Back Strength

Step 3: Form

Don’t let your strict pull up hold you back from your fitness goals.

Dig into this program for 4 weeks and master the movement.

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