The Fit Life – 2019.14 – Movements You NEED in Your Program

 “A Little Fun, A Little Work, It’s All About Balance”

You get to the gym, trail, field or whatever activity you have on the agenda that day and you want to push hard. Because you push hard in everything you do – you love it. You love the feeling of learning new skills and pushing weight around. And if you can’t do something, you want to be able to do it, and soon.

Some of these exercises or movements can look very impressive but are definitely a little complicated. You are athletic though, so it shouldn’t be too long before you are crushing it. But, what if you don’t have the right strength, stability or flexibility needed for this type of movement?

What happens… No progression or dare we say…..unwanted injuries….

So how do we make sure we have the right strength, stability and flexibility to take on any exercise or activity we want?

Uni-Lateral Movements…what the heck are those you might ask?!?!

1-Arm & 1-Leg Movements that will help you build a rock solid foundation and allow you to crush your goals in all aspects of fitness, training and sports 🙂

Uni-Lateral Movements help support us in achieving a core base of strength before doing anything fancy. These are “simple” (but challenging) movements you can do to add to your base of training to make sure your body is ready to take on any exercise you want to try.

How do these movements help us achieve our Goals?

1: More Realistic to Real Life

We are forever moving our arms and legs at different times and for different actions. When we skate we push off of one leg onto the other. When we run we are balancing on one leg with each step. And even something as simple as running up the stairs has our lower body doing different movements at the same time.

2: Trains the Core

Not only does a 1-arm/leg movement work that particular muscle, it also works the core. During the movement, due to the unilateral motion, the core is engaged to keep your body balanced in that athletic position and ready to do the work.

3: Works More Muscles

Not just the prime movers get to work with these unilateral exercises. There are a number of smaller muscle groups that must engage to keep your body from rotating and failing on the rep. With the use of all these other muscles, it could help promote muscle development and growth.

4: Sets Us Up for Success

Sometimes, muscle imbalances can go unnoticed within bilateral exercises like a regular back squat or bench press. Your body has a specific way of compensating and it gets real good at it. You may feel very good at the exercise you’re doing but you could be setting yourself up for overuse injuries, movement issues and some muscles weakness in the future.

With our unilateral exercises, the body isn’t able to compensate for our weakness and we must build and work the muscles that are trying really hard to resist. In turn, building a strong body all around and setting us up for less chance for injury and more chance for success.

Unilateral Movements to Know

If you are training for sports performance, unilateral training will improve your on-field or on-court performance far more efficiently than traditional bilateral compound movements. It works more muscles, balances your strength, hits your core and spine, improves your balance and enhances your speed and agility.

Here are LP’s Top 10 Uni-Lateral Exercises:

  • DB 1 Leg Romanian Deadlift
  • DB 1 Arm Bench Press
  • DB 1 Arm Row
  • DB 1 Arm Shoulder Press
  • DB 1 Arm Snatch

  • DB or Barbell Lunges
  • DB or Barbell Step-ups
  • DB Bulgarian Squats
  • 1-Leg Glute Bridges
  • 1-Arm KB Swing

Check out the LP YouTube Channel for Exercises and Video Demonstrations of most exercises mentioned above.

Don’t let muscle imbalances, instability or uni-lateral weaknesses hold you back from performing at your best!

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