The Fit Life – 2019.15 – Bulletproof Shoulders

“A fit, healthy body – that is the best fashion statement”

– Jess C Scott

One of the ball-and-socket joints, the shoulder, is prone to minor muscle aches and pains because we use it so much. Shoulder problems develop from everyday wear and tear, overuse issues and of course injuries. Put your hand up if you got achy, crunchy, sore shoulders?!?!?

Do you want to OH Squat, Press, Thruster, Bench and Burpee with strong and bulletproof shoulders?!?! If so, continue reading to find out how you can build the strongest and healthiest shoulders!

At LP, in our physio program, we have seen a number of upper body issues related to the following:

  • Limited Shoulder Mobility
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Tight Traps
  • Weak Neck Muscles
  • And Weak Core Muscles causing overuse on Neck & Shoulders

Can we decrease these occurrences? Good news – yes we can!

Don’t worry! This isn’t new to anyone and LP has used our experience to develop a proven program to get you back to 100% – maybe even stronger than before! There are many movements that can help if an old injury starts to act up. Lack of strength in the surrounding muscles and limited range of motion in the shoulder are almost always the cause of shoulder pain and injury.

Follow LP’s Stretching & Strengthening Program

Build Bulletproof Shoulders that can handle anything you throw their way!


Stretching is one of the best things to do to improve mobility and to help relieve stiffness in your shoulders. Stretching before a workout allows for blood to flow through the muscles and will loosen stiff joints. As a result, it’s easier and safer to participate in those fun (and deadly) LP workouts. If there isn’t time before a workout being sure to fit in some stretches after.

Want to reduce shoulder pain or stop it from occurring?

Get into the habit of hitting these stretches each week: (Video Below)

  • Barbell Lat Stretch (3 reps with 10 second hold)
  • Prone Y’s with mobility stick (5-10 reps)
  • Shoulder Range of Motion with mobility stick (5-10 reps each)
  • Pec Major and Minor Stretch (3 reps with 10 second hold)
  • Pec Dowel Stretch (3-5 reps each with 5 second hold)
  • Deltoid Stretch (3 reps with 10 second hold)
  • Upper Trap Stretch (3 reps with 10 second hold)


After completing the stretches, you’ll want to think about strengthening your shoulders. When it comes to the shoulder, there are a few exercises that have proven to be beneficial when a client is experiencing shoulder injury or weakness.

Want to reduce shoulder pain or stop it from occurring?

Do these after your stretches each week: (Video Below)

  • Quadruped T’ with resistance (5-10 reps)
  • Prone Y/T/W (5-10 reps each)
  • External Rotation with resistance (5-10 reps)

Adding these shoulder exercises to your routine will sure keep those shoulders healthy.

Check out Coach Megan’s YouTube video showcasing all of the exercises mentioned above:

Looking for a program designed specifically for you, get in touch with the LP Physio team and get hooked up! Email to get started.

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