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Massage Therapy is the manipulation of soft tissues of the body including, muscles, connective tissues, tendons, ligaments and joints…. This may mean something to some of you but for others it may sound like another language.

What’s massage all about and how can it benefit you? Our LP Therapy Team breaks it down for you so you can make informed decisions about your self care and performance.

When to get a massage?

Rather than responding to roadblocks, seek to attain your best self and best performance before the inevitable setbacks slow you down. Although massage is great in assisting recovery from an injury, prevention is the key.

Massage is a proactive therapy.

Before injury prevents you from your regular routine and performance, massage can attack those problem areas before they become a problem.

What can you expect a treatment to do?

Massage helps the muscles move fluidly. Muscles are contractile tissues that are prone to knotting up, contracturing, and adhesing: Which means the muscle fibers need to be manually lengthened or reorganized back to their original state.

Muscles that contract, fire and work properly put you in the best possible place to avoid traumatic injuries in the future, improve biomechanics, correct posture, and/or attain full ranges of motion. In short, help you feel and perform at your best.

How do massage therapists differ?

Every practitioner is a little bit different from one another and LP’s Team (Sean and Ian) are no exception.

At LP, the massages are focused on the specific areas of the body that have movement deficits, restrictions and dysfunctions. When muscles become dysfunctional they don’t contract the way they should i.e. they are weaker than they normally would be, other muscle groups try to compensate for the weakness and injuries occur.

Many RMT’s do generalized fluff treatments that are relaxation based only. This is fine if your goals are for relaxation alone. Sean and Ian can do a range of treatment types, but the focus of LP massage is to lengthen, realign, and free up the muscles fibers so that they function correctly when firing during exercises. 

What’s a recommended massage treatment look like?

Regular Training – Once a month for maintenance

Specific Event Training – Once a week to keep you injury free

Event Lead Up – 2-3 days before the race/event to increase performance

Post Event – Two days following to assist with recovery

Check out how the LP Therapy Team has helped others just like you:

Ian, RMT

An awesome LP member started massage for neck and shoulder pain back in October and her primary goals were postural correction and pain management.

She worked hard individually in the gym to tone and strengthen her back and shoulders, and received massage therapy once a month ranging from foot, calf, glute, back, shoulder, or neck treatments depending on what was feeling overworked.

She has avoided injuries and setbacks, using massage treatments as her tool for helping her deal with 5 grueling workouts a week.

Sean, RMT

I have had the opportunity to work on a long time member at LP. This member has sought out massage for a number of different ailments over our sessions together. We have worked extensively on improving his mobility, starting with hips and knees and now most recently elbow, shoulder and Tspine.

This member has put in a tremendous amount of work in his mobility rehabilitation. He not only seeks out regular massage sessions, he also follows through with all the assigned self care which enhances the effects of his sessions.

This member continues to impress me, not only with his dedication to his fitness, but to his ongoing pursuit of improvement and willingness to go the extra lengths to achieve his goals, and he is well on his way, with improved movement through the elbow and shoulders.

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