The Fit Life – 2019.22 – Top 5 Lessons from Triathlon Training

The feeling when you cross the finish line after pushing your body and your mind to near failure, is an indescribable feeling that everyone MUST experience! BUT be careful because once you experience it once, it becomes pretty damn addicting! 

My Triathlon Journey started with a bribe from a fellow LP Member and fellow daredevil Dave Inglis! “Let’s do a Half-Ironman this summer” I believe the question/dare started with….and after some quick google searching of what a Half-Ironman or more formally known in the triathlete community as Ironman 70.3 (1.9km Swim, 90km Bike, 21km Run) , we were off to the races with our training and prep! 

Needless to say, after crossing the finish line I was hooked!

Triathlon and Ironman Training has taken my fitness to an entirely new level and I want to give you some of my biggest lessons learned, that you can apply to any fitness challenge you have coming your way: 

Lesson 1: Go ALL In

You can plan and plan and plan but like any new journey, sometimes you have to dive in and get your feet wet! 

Spend the first couple weeks to a month of your training testing, trying and playing with different schedules, training plans and routines! 

BUT once you find a plan and routine that is right for you stick with it through the ups and downs! 

My Perfect Ironman Plan: (For Amateurs)

  • Monday – Strength Training & Mobility
  • Tuesday – Swim & Bike
  • Wednesday – Strength Train & Run
  • Thursday – Swim & Recovery (see Recovery Lessons)
  • Friday – Strength Train & Bike 
  • Saturday – Bike & Run 
  • Sunday – Bike/Run

Lesson 2: Build A Team

Without a team, without accountability, without someone to share your pain with and without someone to celebrate your milestones with, your chances of success decrease drastically! 

Last year I had my Team of Dave (Pain Partner), Craig (Veteran Triathlete), Swim Coach Matt Pederson and our trusty Online Training Plan! Thanks Google 🙂

This year our Super Team is jacked up even greater with our Triathalon Coaches Mark @markycull and Jess @lacesandlattes, our trusty Swim Coach Matty P who keeps us a float and the rest of the amazing Triathlon community in KW! Including Pro Triathletes Alex @alexthetrihard, Ange @angquick and our one stop shop for anything and everything Triathlon and Endurance Ziggys @ziggyscyclekw

Build your Super Team: 

  • A Pain Partner who will suffer with you
  • A Coach or two to lead and guide you
  • Fellow more experienced individuals in whatever the sport you’re training for
  • Partners in training gear, nutrition and recovery! 

Lesson 3: Overcome Obstacles

You are going to have aches, pains, setbacks, and obstacles along the way! It’s not supposed to be easy. You are going to learn a lot about yourself, your determination and your ability to dig deep when you need it most! 

Training for a massive goal is also an opportunity to set boundaries on unnecessary temptations like netflix binges, daily drinks, social after social ….. you don’t have time for that anymore! You have yourself to take care of, your family, your career and you are going to be energized like never before getting rid of the energy sucking and time consuming traps that society drags you into! 

Obstacles to Prepare for: 

  • Injury – you are going to get aches and pains but you need to be preventative. Stretching, Strengthening and working on imbalances to keep you strong for race day! (See Recovery Lesson)
  • Time – you are going to yell and scream that you don’t have time! Build a schedule. Stick to it. Go to bed earlier. Get up earlier. Crush it on the weekends. Stick to your plan.
  • Mindset – Your mind will tell you to stop a million times. Your body can handle it don’t worry. Figure out WHY you are inspired to crush your goals and go there when you are in the darkest points. Kids, Family, Inspire Others, Dreams?!?!? What is it?!?!? (See Mindset Lesson)

Lesson 4: Recovery

Recovery is no longer an option. Eating healthy, sleeping, daily self recovery and consistent professional recovery! 

Strength Training to prevent injuries for whatever goal you have, strength training is your key to prevent overuse injuries, muscle imbalances and PERFORMANCE! You need to be strong & stable to perform. Strength Training is not a maybe in your routine if you want to remain healthy during training and racing!

Nutrition is the Fuel your body requires to perform. Put in SHIT Fuel and get SHIT Performance. Low energy. Bad recovery. Inflammation. You name it. Fuel your Body with HIGH PERFORMANCE Fuel before, during and after workouts! If you’re not confident with your nutrition you need to get a Nutrition Coach! 

Self-Care – Stretching, Foam Rolling, Epsom Salt Bath, Cold Showers, Sauna, Hot Tub, Cold Tubs, Yoga……we all know them but we don’t think we need them! Reduce inflammation, speed up recovery, improve performance, reduce injury! Do this DAILY! 

Professional Care – Massage, Physio, Chiro, Fascial Stretching are not your response to an injury they are your source to injury prevention! Get your Therapy Team set-up in advance and get them booked in your weekly and monthly schedule! They are your pit crew to keep you on track! 

Lesson 5: Mindset

I always have a smile on my face while training and racing because if I show the fear, pain or discomfort to the opponent then I lose an edge on them! “If it’s hurting me, it’s hurting them MORE” is my famous in race line to myself when I “Feel” like slowing down or stopping……

Dig deep, take a step back and think about WHY you want to crush your massive goal?!?! You will have lots of time to think, trust me. Two + hour rides, long swims, gruelling runs are all great times to find out WHY!!

Mine is,

“Inspiring those around me, inspiring them to chase massive goals, inspiring than to dig deep, inspiring them to never quit, inspiring them to treat setbacks as opportunities to learn, inspiring them to cross the finish line and experience the feeling that is indescribable!”

What’s yours?!? Share it with those who are supporting you so they can push you to dig deep when times are toughest!

It’s more than just checking it off the bucket list type of goal….trust me….it’s too easy to quit and give up. 

It’s going to be HARD, it’s going to drag you away from temptations and it’s going to take you deep into a mental and physical pain cave during training and racing! 

You learn to love this place and it is what gives you the biggest joy when you cross the finish line! 

My year ahead…..

2019 has been and is shaping up to be a massive year. I have my team around me, I have my schedule in place, I have my recovery mapped out and I have my WHY in my back pocket at all times! 

It’s going to be a fun year and i’m excited to conquer what I never dreamed or imagined possible! Cheers to breaking new barriers and crushing massive goals!

Follow me @coachadj to experience the journey and learn with me as I struggle and grind through the obstacles ahead! 


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