The Fit Life – 2019.3 – Coach ADJ’s Wodapalooza Debut

“Growth happens outside of your comfort zone.”

Taking a “recovery week” is far off from the intensity of his 3 day, 7 workout competition finishing up last Sunday. LP’s Coach Adam de Jong takes 5th place at a Crossfit Sanctional RX Competition at Wodapalooza Miami this past weekend and is taking some much deserved mental and physical rest this week. Top 10 was his goal going in and to round out the top 5 made this weekend extra special.

If you didn’t get a chance to see any of the workouts, to recap, they included anything from running, swimming, weightlifting, box jumps, rope climbs, muscle ups and much much more! Oh, and all at a pretty intense pace. Luckily, Coach Adam loves to GRIND!

After the demanding three day comp, Adam took a few days to recover and reflect on the craziness of the weekend. Thoughts ranging from his preparation, performance, mindset, challenges, goals and much more. Picking his brain, we can take a peek at this reflection and get a birds eye view of the weekend.
Preparation – Going into competition his fitness, nutrition and recovery were the three intangibles that he believes lead to his success. His daily and weekly schedule and routine were strictly planned out and included 1-2 hours of Training each day, 7.5-8hrs of Sleep each night, 6 calculated Meals per day and 30mins-1 hour of Recovery each and every day!
Plus, plus, plus lots more fun!

A typical day:
  • 3:45amWake up call 😵
  • 5am-7amTwo hours of coaching most days
    • Even though it may sound early, Adam finds it motivating to watch others working hard and pushing to get better!
  • 7am-9am – Time to train 
    • 30 min warmup, 30 min of strength, 30 min conditioning, 30 min of gymnastic “skill” work
  • 9am-4pm – Private coaching, meetings, programming and business development at LP
  • 4pm-8pm Time to wind down and recover
    • Still a work in progress but key in his recovery
    • Puppy out for a run, dinner, read, bath, stretch and sleep
  • 7:45pmBedtime 🤔


A typical week:

  • Training – 6 days/week x 2 hours/day
  • Sleep – 7-8 hours/night 6-7 days/week
  • Recovery – 1 hour before bed 4-5x/week (read, stretch, bath, chill)
  • Eating, Nutrition, Fuel 💪 What you put in, you get out!

430am – Toast, PB, Banana, 3 HB Egg Whites and Cucumbers

730am – Protein Shake

830am – BCAA & Electrolyte Shake

930am – Chicken & Sweet Potatoes

1230pm – Turkey Burger, Rice and Mixed Greens

330pm – Hummus and Rice Crackers

530pm – Fish/Beef/Pork and Broccoli/Cauliflower

730pm – Casein Protein, Almond Milk, PB

The Toughest Part – Mental Preparation – when you have extremely high expectations of yourself, the mental and physical demand is very high. The first day of the weekend with three workouts proved to be the hardest day of them all for Adam. Getting mentally focused and “jacked up” for the final workout of that day was very challenging. But as the weekend went on, he found a  routine that allowed him to enter each workout with a sense confidence and calm – believing once again that routine can conquer a lot.
What kept him going when he wanted to quit? When he got deep into a workout, into something we call the “pain cave”, how did he keep pushing. His three favourite quotes that popped into his head and pushed him to do more:
Growth happens outside of your comfort zone
Whether I kill myself or back off, 10 minutes later it’s going to feel the same – Matt Fraser
When you think your body can’t go any further, you’re only 40% of the way there – David Goggins
The Greatest Part – the feeling of finishing every workout leaving 100% on the floor. The rush of endorphins experienced immediately after “crossing the finish line” is a feeling Adam believes everyone should feel. 🙂 After each workout, knowing that he gave it everything he had, is something irreplaceable.
Next Steps – Attack weaknesses. Adam learned A LOT competing and watching some of the best athletes in the world show off their abilities throughout the competition. His next steps will be to prioritize his areas of focus and attack them each and every day. He says he will “compete” again very soon but unsure of the exact details. We will keep you posted with this progress.
My Team – He wanted to give a massive shoutout to the LP Family, his family, friends, trainers, coaches, therapists and supporters who cheered him on, kept him strong and inspired him to do more than he ever imagined possible! He is pumped to continue leading the way with crazy challenges, competitions and races this year and for many years to come!
Achieve what you never thought possible! Adam, didn’t know he would be standing in 5th place when he started the online qualifier and wants you to believe that you too can achieve more than you ever thought possible when you just give yourself the opportunity!


When asked about giving advice to others who have big goals, Adam encourages others to find a routine that works for them, their schedule and their passion. Surround yourself with like minded people. Find a coach to help you set goals, make a plan and hold you accountable. AND Don’t be a one-hit wonder, be a lifetime performer – Wendy Pauls 🤗


What was in Adam’s gym bag for the trip!

– The LP Team

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