The Fit Life – 2019.30 – Are you Recovering Properly?

Ya sure, you’re getting older and you’re body doesn’t quite perform or recover like it used to BUT that doesn’t stop you from chasing after massive goals and pushing your body to the limits does it?!?!!?

Growing up as an athlete, you could snap back from an injury almost over night. You definitely made sure to take care of aches, pains and injuries immediately whether it was your Parents driving you to physio or your team therapist! Mainly because you had easy access to therapists you trusted and because you had the time to do it! But with too much going on, we rarely take the time for our bodies to heal and recover as we get older. You know as good as me, we need a little extra love in the recovery department! 

At LP we push our Members hard everyday in the workouts and inevitably aches and pains will occur (better than obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and the rest of the problems caused by being sedentary right?!?!……). BUT if we push our bodies on a daily basis, then we need to address aches and pains before they result in injury! We can’t expect our body to snap back as quick as it used to…..and little aches and pains can result in chronic, long-term issues. 

The inspiration for the Recovery Program at LP was to provide members with convenient access to top experts in Injury Prevention & Injury Rehab. Michelle and I didn’t have time to drive around town week after week to chase down top therapists and specialists to keep us healthy and neither do you! Over the past couple of years we have been building a very strong team of experts that specialize in keeping ATHLETES (YES, you are an athlete) healthy, strong and performing at their best!

Massage Therapy at Limitless

Some of you may know that we have two very high level massage therapists who focus on deep tissue, fascial based massage therapy, to keep your muscles and connective tissue working optimally. Not your typical head to toe flush…

LP’s Massage Team targets a specific area of focus and the related up chain or down chain issues that are causing your pain or discomfort.

Don’t expect to fall asleep during these treatments. You might find yourself gripping the edge of the table as they dig in to problem areas and release years of scar tissue and muscle contusions.

Physiotherapy at Limitless

Also, in late 2018 we began Physiotherapy at LP and have had great success with over 40 LP Members getting rid of aches and pains with our 3-Step Physio Program that first assesses the injury and causes, fixes the injury, then the most important part is how to apply what they learned back to their workouts to prevent the injury from re-occurring. 

Step 1 – Movement Assessment

Step 2 – Treatments and Plan

Step 3 – Life After Physio

Recovery Program Success

Eddie – His message for all of us is make a plan and stick with it!

Physio was a major part in helping my rehab and addressing my weakness in my hips. The band work we were doing along with functional holds helped build strength and stability where I was lacking. 

I found what really helped execute this was to plan ahead. I found this helped me find time to do the exercises and stretching. The few days I didn’t plan ahead and tried finding time the day of I ended up not doing the exercise.

Ian – Turning shoulder pain into fitness gains

By taking a step back and removing certain movements during my rehab, I was able to reflect on my goals in the gym. I love the programming at the gym, and I want to work hard each day, but I want to do that pain free with proper form and technique. As my body has now worked through this with the help of the physio team, the coaches and some research; I am starting to see some big improvements with not only how much I can lift, but more importantly the mechanics of each movement

Finally, we have great relationships with top level Chiropractors, Fascial Stretching Therapists and Yoga Tune-up Specialists that we currently go off site to see and will be looking to implement into our Recovery Program as it grows and helps all of our hard working Members perform at their best for years to come! 

If you haven’t already, get booked in for your Full Body Movement Assessment to assess any Mobility Issues, Muscle Imbalances and Stability concerns that are causing injuries/aches/pains or that could lead to injuries in the future! 

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