The Fit Life – 2019.33 – Create A Winning Team

This week is a very special week at LP! A couple months ago our dream team generated the idea of “Bring a Buddy Week” to allow our members to grow and strengthen their support team, with the end goal of boosting member success and enhancing the LP Experience. 

The LP Family stepped up in a MASSIVE way and this week we have over 30 Buddies getting their first taste of the LP Community, the LP Family and the LP Lifestyle.

Building a Winning Team in any aspect of your life is crucial to your success and your health and fitness team is no different. 

Great teams are built on the foundation of teamwork, coaching, culture and attitude. Each member of the team brings a skillset and has crucial role to play in the teams success. But the key, they all believe in the same cause. They all buy into the mission. With this shared mission, they believe in each other and lift each other up to win.

In life, there are people who are on the same mission as you. People that believe in your cause and people that don’t. Sometimes we get tied down by those who don’t instead of focusing on those that do. Your teammates can play a positive role in your mission. We need these people to help fulfill our goals and dreams.

How can your teammates help you get where you want to go? How can they support you?

Make the Team that surrounds you on a daily basis, a Team that:

  • motivates and pushes you
  • wants to see you succeed
  • wants to be successful themselves
  • creates a positive environment 

At LP, we are on a mission to build a community of high performers striving to be better each and every day. Not everyone is on the exact same mission, but our core values connect us and we push each other to create the best version of ourselves each and everyday. 

Here are the Core Values of Team LP:

Work Ethic
Team Player

How strong is your team? 

If your values align with most of these, not only could we strengthen your team, you would strengthen ours.

Begin today with our 2 week trial and we can crush our goals together.


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