The Fit Life – 2019.34 – You Need a Challenge

Have you ever started a new fitness routine or nutrition lifestyle in the last few years? You are so motivated, you set goals and you start crushing it! You buy a new set of gym clothes and maybe even new shoes and start getting up early to hit the gym. 

Then after a few weeks, maybe even months, motivation starts to fade and you are starting to fall off the wagon…

Or are you a regular gym-goer, attending your workouts on a daily and weekly basis but just can’t seem to reach your goals. You feel really good in your workouts and push hard. But your lifestyle and nutrition outside of the gym holds you back from losing that extra 5-10lbs and looking shredded.

The most frustrating part is that you are rocking all of the other areas of your life. If only you could get your health and your fitness up to your own expectations, you would be unstoppable.

What would this unstoppable formula look like? How can we keep the motivation high and the outcomes flowing.





At LP we use these 4 focus areas in our quarterly challenges to push our members towards the results they deserve and mold those results into a lifestyle.

SEPTEMBER – Fit Life Challenge

  • Re-boot your routine with a focus on nutrition and results

JANUARY – New Year, Best Me

  • Improve your lifestyle, habits, routines and overall health

MARCH – Frozen Four

  • Push your mental and physical limits in a team atmosphere 

JUNE – Summer MEP Elimination 

  • Stay accountable and engaged over the busy summer holidays

Each of these challenges: 

  • builds knowledge for lifelong success
  • provides accountability to either a coach, team or both
  • builds community
  • gets amazing results

Why do these work?

  1. We set a specific start date. Just like a January start or a Monday start, these challenges provide a “Ready, Set, Go” date to kick start our members to get started. They can’t put it off.
  2. We clarify our goals. Just wanting to get “fitter” won’t get you there. Being specific about what you want and building a plan to get there creates guidance and steps to get where you want to get.
  3. We measure our progress. Sometimes we forget where we came from. It is important to know where you started and but more important to see your progress. 
  4. We are held accountable. Yes, we all want to do it on our own. Our coaches and members act as accountability partners to keep challengers on track and pushing hard.
  5. We build bigger communities. Pushing hard toward a common goal brings us together and bonds us for life.
  6. We learn. Each challenge provides its own set of learning lessons to build the foundation to live the fit life for a lifetime.

They work if you put in the work.

Ready to put in the work?

 Don’t let your previous fitness history bring you down. You just need a community to help you get there. Join the LP Program and gain access to all of these challenges.

Looking for a challenge right now, our September Fit Life Challenge is just around the corner, starting September 16th. Join by September 10th and build your unstoppable formula to achieve your ultimate potential and start living the fit life.

We’ve all struggled with food… We’re here with you.
👉Questioning if what your doing is “healthy”
👉Switching “diets” or meal plans because you still haven’t found one that works
👉Putting in work at the gym and not seeing the results
We’ve been there and we are here to help.

Become your own nutrition coach by gaining knowledge to build life-long habits & sustainable results.
👊Daily checkins
👊Video lessons
👊Weekly habit tracking
👊Progress check ins
👊Personal coaching

Email us for more details.


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