The Fit Life – 2019.37 – How Many Calories do YOU Burn?

There’s A LOT of chatter out there about how many calories you burn in a workout and even more comparison between your friends at your gym and other gyms! We LOVE this! An extra level of push and motivation is ALWAYS good! And it’s no secret that accountability from your peers around you is your key to long-term fitness success!

Calories, Heart Rate, Effort, Accountability

At LP, the ladies can expect to burn approximately 400cals during a Strength Workout and 600cals during a Conditioning Blast! And boys, you can expect to burn 600cals during a Strength Workout and 1000cals during a Conditioning Blast. AND that’s NOT including the “After-Burn” which can keep the calories burning for the next 6-12 hours on a tough day!

And we’re not just saying this, we’re tracking it. Approximately 90% of LP Members have their trusty side-kick MYZONE strapped to them monitoring their each and every move, including; heart rate, calories burned and effort!

1. Wear Your Belt

2. Exercise Anywhere

3. Monitor Your Results

4. Challenge, Share, Compare

5. Achieve Your Goals

Extra Accountability

So, you got your workout buddies and your coaches for accountability BUT how about taking that to a whole new level with a sidekick that tracks your every move. Plus it will automatically send you a full workout summary after each training session so you know:

  • Total Calories Burned
  • Max & Average Heart Rate
  • Total MEPs you got! (Effort Points)

Say Hello to MyZone, LPs unique Heart Rate Monitoring system that measures each and every one of your workouts at the Gym, at your Rec League Game, at your Half-Marathon or even at your Triathalon! 

LP Members love MYZONE because it fits with their crazy schedules. Whether they are at the gym, travelling for business or on the go, they can crush their workouts, track their results and continue to pursue their fitness goals no matter where they are in the world. What’s a workout without seeing your calories burned, heart rate and effort?!?! Right 🙂

YOU vs YOU and Others…

We know the LP workouts are tough but what about staring up at the big screen all workout long, comparing your effort with your peers rolling through the same gruelling work as you, making sure you’re working hard enough! Whether you’re running, jumping, squatting or pushing a sled, your effort is on the big screen being tracked every step of the way! 

And to take it to the next level… How about adding in challenges, leaderboards and an online community to compete against whenever you are up for a challenge!

You can even push yourself to earn your way up the rankings of the Myzone system earn your way from rookie, to bronze, silver, gold and even platinum status! We even have some Hall Of Fame Members 😲

Why we Love MYZONE

If you’re a numbers and data person, then MYZONE will have you addicted in NO time! Tracking daily workouts, striving towards bronze/silver/gold/platinum levels and analyzing your overall fitness improvements over-time!

MYZONE takes it to the next level by using heart rate zones to reflect the effort the user is applying, regardless of age or fitness levels. The MEP system makes “time x intensity = effort” easy to understand while measuring the most important aspect of exercise: intensity.

And to top it off, MYZONE doesn’t just track and store your fitness data but it also gives you the ability to track your body composition data and analytics, tracking your weight, body fat, muscle, hydration and more over time in a graph form!

Give MYZONE a try!

If you’re a numbers person, if you like a challenge and if you need accountability, MYZONE will be your new best friend!

Be prepared to take your workouts and your fitness to a whole new level! MYZONE pushes LP Members on a daily basis to improve their strength, conditioning and overall effort!

Get your very own MYZONE and join the MYZONE & LP Community of MEPPERS!

Available in LP Lobby Today!

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