The Fit Life – 2019.42 – The Strongman Secrets

Now this one is for all the guys and girls who want to get STRONG!

Building strength for your sport, competition or life is no easy feat! Some would argue that building strength is harder and takes longer than losing weight or building endurance! And not just any strength, but Functional Strength that you can translate into sport, competition and life!

“A Strong Athlete is a Safe Athlete. Read that again. Raw Strength transfers to success in nearly any Competitive Sport.”

Greg Nyhof, The 1440

Growing up, we all dreaded playing against the “Farm Boys/Girls” as kids because they just had this super human strength! Strength that no matter how hard you worked or pushed you just couldn’t seem to build! And the reason those young boys and girls had that strength is because of years of lifting, moving and carrying heavy $h!t. Not days, not months BUT years of “strength” training! 

As we have touched on in previous discussions, our athletes with a strong foundation of strength and conditioning are able to perform at a higher level, stay healthy longer and train harder! Developing the strength, power and speed of an Athlete is no easy feat but with the right program, coaching and commitment you can achieve great feats of strength for you sport and your training! 

Do you want to get STRONG?!?! 

Meet Greg Nyhof – Functional Strength Specialist, former WLU Wide Receiver and Varsity Strength Coach who is here to help take the leading edge LP Program to the Next Level by combining the LP Strength and Conditioning Program with his specialized Strength Work – “Field Work & Primal Movements – incorporated into the daily and weekly Strength Programming for November and December! 

What’s his Secret?!?!

To become a Beast like Greg, move well and perform at your best, he has designed Primal Work & Field Work to compliment the existing LP Barbell Strength Training Program!

Primary Focus:

  1. Develop Maximum Force Production & Athletic Potential
    • Hard, Heavy, Fast
  2. Increase Neuromuscular Efficiency & Cross-Sectional Muscle Fibres
    • AKA Functional Strength
  3. Replicate the Demands of Sport and Athletic Lifestyle
    • Awkward, Grip Intensive, Full Body, and CHALLENGING

What are Primal Movement Supersets:

Primal Movement pairings will draw on patterns and shapes that you’re already familiar with on a barbell, but they’re going to mostly take place unilaterally, and in different planes of motion.

For example, we’re familiar with the lunge, but now let’s make it static and give you a heavy sandbag with a bear hug split squat. These are going to be awkward and heavy, just like Field Work – but in a lower stress environment so that you’re free to fail.

Greg Nyhof, The 1440

These Primal movement supersets will take place 2 weeks in a row for a specific and important reason. In week 1, you’ll be introduced to the movements, test out some challenging weights and work through finding balance and coordination. In week 2, the movements are no longer novel, and you’ll be ready to take on more weight, reps, or improved ranges of motion. The body can adapt FAST when we challenge it accordingly. Primal Movement pairings will be that challenge.

What is Field Work:

Field Work is exactly how it sounds – it’s what your friends who grew up on farms were doing for years before you even stepped foot in the gym. This is strength training with awkward implements such as sandbags, kettlebells, axle bars, and sleds, that’s intended to be heavy and grip intensive.

Field Work is the ultimate expression of your fitness and ability to produce force. Celebrate that by challenging yourself mentally and physically. The results will pay dividends alongside your LP Fit programming and in building a foundation of absolute strength for life!

Greg Nyhof, The 1440

These movements are combined to elicit a full body stimulus, and challenge you to engage as much musculature as possible to perform the work that’s required. Put everything you have into these 15-20min pieces, and you’ll unlock more potential and capacity to become a Field Strong athlete.

Combining LP + The 1440 Programming

Greg Nyhof – 1440 Vision:

Greg is the founder and Head of 1440 focused on helping busy people prioritize fitness to develop a strong foundation of functional movement and capacity. The 1440 was born out of a universal frustration and feeling like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get as strong and conditioned as we always dreamed we could be. Greg challenges that notion by making strength and conditioning efficient and effective, to capitalize on the 1440 minutes we get every single day. You can follow along with Coach Greg’s journey on instagram @the.1440 or online at

We are super excited to combine Coach Greg’s expertise with the leading edge LP Programming as we head in to the home stretch of 2019! Have an eye out for Coach Greg on Monday’s & Wednesday’s as he hops in the LP Workouts to get a taste of his own programming!

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