The Fit Life – 2019.44 – OPEN20

The Crossfit Open and Friday Night Lights has become a staple series of events in the LP Family that is just as fun and entertaining for the fans and spectators as it is for the athletes!

Enjoy some closing remarks from Head Coach Chad Mueller as he summarizes the amazing feats of fitness, hard work and FUN throughout the Open!

Open 20 has come and went with a bang. If you didn’t get a chance to see what LP’s edition of Friday Night Lights looked like – here is a recap for you!

For the past 5 weeks, a number of LP Athletes have thrown down and answered the call from Dave Castro the mastermind of the Crossfit season. The atmosphere was built with anxiousness, stress, sweat and rallied with support from our LP Family. Can’t send out a big enough thanks to all the supporters who cheered, and helped keep each athlete accountable for the 5 week grind!

To all the athletes, whether a cagy veteran, comeback kid or rookie – you attacked each night with a thirst for sweat and grit! LP threw down a full display of strength and excellence and I am very happy to be part of this community. Each year we have grown this milestone to be bigger and better, and that will continue.

The Workouts

You can sum up this years open to “Grunt Work”, 20 minute workouts, with minimal movements – just get the work done, here is a quick “review of the workouts;

10 Rds for time
8 Ground to overhead
10 bar facing burpees

Grunt work at it’s finest,
pace not race
20 minute AMRAP
4 DB Thursters
6 T2B
24 Double Unders

Again more grunt work, mixed
with a little skill.
21, 15, 9
Deadlifts & HSPU
21, 15, 9
Heavier Deadlifts &
50 ft Handstand Walk

A deadly repeat workout that requires strength and finesse
3 rounds of
30 Box Jumps
15 C&J (increasing weights,
decreasing 5 reps)
Followed by 3 rounds of
30 Pistols “single leg squats”
10 C&J (increasing weights,
decreasing 5 reps)

It’s either the pistols or the weights that’s gonna bite you in the ass!
40 Ring Muscle Ups
80-cal row
120 Wall Balls

Choose your own adventure – this was a fun one to challenge your strategy.
What will 21.1 Bring?!?!
Are you ready to join the Friday Night Lights Crew?!?!
Push yourself to the limit! Do what you never imagined possible!
Preparation starts NOW for October 2020

This open had some great storylines, here are a few:

The Elite

@Coach ADJ – Continued to showcase his super human status, he put up huge numbers again this time around. He placed in the top 50 4/5 workouts!

@Ally – Had her best start in any open she crushed the first two workouts with a 26th place on 20.2. This years open was bittersweet for Ally as she was injured mid-way but to most this would put us out for weeks, she came right back and placed 61st in 20.3 less then 5 days after suffering an injury. None of us are surprised on how much determination she showed to get the work done this year!

Young Guns!

@Coach Alex, @Brock Emrich – The young guns showed up going head to head and putting on a display of fitness each week. FULL SEND! Followed by “Came out too hot!” These young athletes have a bright future if they can take some cues from the masters club “pace not race”. 😉

The Rookies

@Brock Boehler, @Chris Dienesch, @Craig Seibel – Came each week ready and willing to do whatever it took. Some cases not even know the full details of the workout 😉 Simply Just did the work!

@Justin MacDonald, @Megan Bezruki – Unlike the above, these two might have thought about the workout a little more 😉 It would be a mistake to say they surpassed their expectations! Keep track of these two as they put on a display of skill and strength!

“The Big Men”

@Austin, @Garth – The only returning “Big Men” from Open19 – Throwing barbells around like they are pixie sticks! A lot of grunt and sweat was on display when these two were throwing down!

Rise & Grinders

Ian, Eddie, Chris Keller, The Boss, Betsy Pawson

@DadBodWodBod – No surprise Ian received “most improved” at this years awards gala! Ian put up an impressive performance, knocking off his competitors including taking 1st place in the Kindergarten Teachers around the globe division!

@Keller – This secret weapon goes about his business by crushing the dreams of his other opponents! You might not know this but the man is skilled with all the skills!!! Doing pistols like it’s nobody’s business, and flying on the rings for 32 reps!

@EddieTheEagle – In his sophomore OPEN – Eddie might have started off slow 😉 That didn’t stop him from putting up some big numbers including a showstopper performance on 20.5 being the only other LP athlete to finish under the time cap!

@Betsy – Another sophomore athlete with something to prove – Betsy knows how to move! Putting up a big time in 20.1 getting the work done just under the time cap!

@The Boss – Michelle showed the open that with a little GRIT and determination, it doesn’t stand a chance! Two workouts came up this year exposing Michelle’s weaknesses, but that didn’t phase her – she was cool as a cucumber. She beat her previous score of a workout that she would say “scares her”. She still had a little something in store for all of us during the last workout, Michelle was faced with Ring MU’s (a movement that she will tell you she can’t do). She stared them in the face, crushed 3 and everyone followed by a roar of an entire community behind her. A true example of perseverance!

The Boys

Ryan Kovarik, Dave James, David Bigelow, Scott Mills, Kyle James
There might have been a little chirping going on with this crew, but they kept each other pushing through the 5 week test. @Scott our masters athlete crushed 20.4 setting a huge Jerk PR of 185lbs X 10. He also saved us an hour of sleep during 20.2!

@The “Dave’s” announced the “Dave Cave” to the world and never looked back! Bigs threw down an “Iron-Cross” MU that you couldn’t believe unless you’ve seen the proof! Aldwinkle thinks shirts are dumb – he might have been right – another big performance during 20.4! Those are big pistols! After taking a few years off @Kovi came back as a force to be reckoned with – though we didn’t get to seem him light it up during FNL – he put some big numbers including crushing 20.4. @Dr Kyle joined LP to showcase his finesse and put up 23 Ring MU’s – the man can fly!

Comeback Kids

Kristin “The Muell”, Chad “Head Coach”
@Kristin – Being sidelined for the past two years with a significant injury, this lady came back and to say she crushed her goals would be an understatement. Survive the Open doing scaled and not getting re-injured – 3/5 workouts RX – well that happened! Not only that but cruising through 20.4 like she could have kept going for another 20 minutes. She wasn’t done there, facing her biggest weakness post-injury she handled the 120 wall balls that 20.5 threw at her without a problem! You’ll be seeing her tossing wall balls 9ft on routine moving forward!

@Chad – you know me just happy to be part of it again! Love seeing the community and love seeing everyone push themselves to a place you can’t often reach! Big thanks to Michelle – I got you on one, Ian for being my pace bunny for a little bit until you turned on the jets!, Kristin for keeping me recovered for 5 weeks, Eddie for being my Buttery Bro “Shirts are dumb!” – I will say 20.1 will hold a special place in my heart amiright @Eddie!

That’s a wrap folks! Again to all the LP Family – thanks for all the support that you show to these crazy athletes over the past 5 weeks. For anyone that is curious about jumping in and trying it out yourself! You should! We test ourselves everyday at LP and if you can survive an LP workout you can survive an OPEN workout. Talk to any of your coaches to find out how to get involved!

Want to Join Us?

Want to get started, join the high performing LP Community and get started attacking your Goals! You may have a few pain faces during our workouts but the community will push you through it and you will feel amazing after.

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