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I wish I would have known more about nutritional supplements and their benefits to my performance and my recovery soooo much sooner in my athletic career. Battling through daily workouts, practices and games took a tool on my body and trying to keep my strength and speed up all season long was always a battle. I always thought supplements were just for body builders and powerlifters, not endurance and team sport athletes! 

We believe that when you use F2C Nutrition products you have the potential to improve your performance and success. We believe that clean fuel is the only fuel worth using.

F2C Nutrition

Because I wasn’t educated and because I didn’t have these answers, I haven’t always been a huge supporter of supplements. I believed that I could get the same results by eating lots of food instead of taking the “easy” way out with supplements! Anyone feel the same way?!?! 

When I did use supplements, I would always cheap out and get the lower quality products because they cost less! Have you gone down that road? If so, you know that the “cheap” products give some serious digestion problems! Don’t they?

Endurance Products

Fast forward a decade, a lot more education, research, experience and a way better understanding of my body, I have made some changes. As I was preparing for my first Ironman Race, I knew I needed all the help I could get to fuel my body on long and gruelling 2+ hour runs and 3+ hour bike rides, so when I reached out to the endurance community to find out who they trusted, the unanimous answer was F2C! 

With their advice and some research into what I realized was a very like minded company to LP, I trusted F2C for my fuel and nutrition during long training sessions and on race day for my first and second Ironman races. 

BUT what about in the gym at LP?!?! I didn’t start using ALL of the F2C products until this season in the gym. I was only using their products as my intra-workout fuel but now I trust them with my before, during and post workout nutrition! 

Recovery Products

Here is what MY daily routine looks like: 

REHAB 3:1 – I use 1 scoop before workouts to provide me with 15 grams of protein and 45 grams of carbs to give my muscles the fuel they need to perform.

GLYCO-DURANCE – During Workout & Training Sessions I use 1 scoop of Glyco-Durance per hour of training which has 25 grams of carbs to keep me performing at a high level from the start to finish of my workouts.

VEGAN PURE – I use 1 scoop of the Vegan Pure Protein post workout for muscle recovery after a tough training.

Now, let’s get one thing super clear, my nutritional supplements DO NOT replace any of the amazing food I eat throughout the day. These supplements strictly serve as my workout preparation, performance and recovery.

Coach ADJ

Why LP Found F2C

F2C Nutrition was born from the vision and passion of Greg Cowan, founder and CEO. While training for Ironman Canada Greg struggled to find quality, clean nutritional products to support his own training and racing needs. Frustrated with what nutrition was available on the market at the time, Greg set out to develop products that reflected his values and principles and drew upon his deep knowledge of the natural health food industry. Valuing clean, naturally sourced ingredients supported by innovative scientific research, Greg created a robust endurance product line up. 

And we are excited to partner with them

Product Testing at LP:

On Monday November 25th at LP we are product testing a new line of Nutritional Supplements from F2C Nutrition. A company that like LP, is focused on creating the highest quality products and helping their athletes achieve their ultimate potential. F2C is focused on creating clean, all natural, quality nutritional supplements;

  • We believe everyone is an athlete not just a consumer. 
  • We believe that clean fuel is the only fuel worth using. 
  • We believe it is important to stand behind the quality of our products. 
  • We believe that when you use F2C Nutrition products you have the potential to improve your performance and success.

If you have Performance Goals, Body Composition Goals or Overall Health Goals – Nutritional Supplements are crucial to your success because they provide your muscles with the fuel they need to perform and recover! 

We are pumped to hear what our members think of the F2C products and help them understand which products are best for their training and results! 

Bring ALL the questions?!?!?! There are an insane amount of products on the market and it is often confusing to know and understand what products are best for your training and results.

  • Should I be taking supplements if i’m just a normal guy or girl???
  • Why do I need supplements if I eat well already??? 
  • Can I just buy the lowest price supplements??? 
  • What supplements do I need to take for my goals???

Don’t forget your Shaker Bottle on Monday LP Fam! 

Want to Join Us?

Want to get started, join the high performing LP Community and get started attacking your Goals! You may have a few pain faces during our workouts but the community will push you through it and you will feel amazing after.

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