The Fit Life – 2019.47 – Re-Define Yourself in 2020

WHO will you become in 2020?!?! Join Riley as he chases after his MASSIVE Goals in 2020 with Ironman 70.3 Calgary and the Squamish 50 Mile Trail Race!

And Riley isn’t the only one! Adam De Jong – Ironman 140.6 Mount Tremblant Michelle De Jong – Ironman 70.3 Musselman Bridget O’Neill – GoodLife Toronto Marathon Liz Akeroyd – Ironman 70.3 Musselman Jim Martin – Paris to Ancaster Bike Dave Aston – Ironman 70.3 Musselman Darryl King – Ironman 70.3 Musselman Austin Partridge – Squamish 50KM Caroline Harvey – CrossFit Open Mike Harvey – CrossFit Open AND WE ARE JUST GETTING STARTED! WHO IS NEXT?!?!

REMEMBER: The purpose of these pursuits is not the distance, the speed or the strength required. It’s about pushing the envelope of what we think we are capable of. It’s not about changing who we are, but rather redefining what’s mentally and physically possible in our lives.

Are you up for a Challenge?!?!

Riley and the rest of the crew are somewhat new to these crazy challenges as adults but grew up loving sports and being active! BUT like you, as work and life got in the way, he found himself holding back from chasing after his big goals and dreams!

Do you have MASSIVE Goals but are scared to chase after them because you don’t know where to start, or don’t have the plan to follow, or don’t have the support of the community around you?!?!

In the NYBY Challenge, Riley will be working with Endurance Coach Mark Cullen and Trail Running/Ultra Coach Lizzy Hughes to build a plan, install the necessary habits and have the accountability he needs to CRUSH his MASSIVE Goals in 2020!

He will be focusing on the following KEY COMPONENTS of Fitness and Health to ensure that he CRUSHES his Goals while staying healthy and strong!

Key Components:

Fitness Each NYBY challenger will identify a major fitness pursuit for 2020 and utilize the NYBY challenge to begin preparation through: Weekly routine. LP workouts. Sport specific training. Accessory strengthening or stretching plans. Rest days.
Mental Performance Coach Wendy & Coach Shelby will provide Challengers to take on some degree of ‘mental training’ for their given pursuit through: A brief weekly check-in. Applying lessons from a sports psychologist. Reflecting on the previous week.
Optimal Health While priority will be on fitness and mental performance, challengers will be required to choose at least one optimal health habitwith the understanding that these habits will contribute to greater performance in their 2020 pursuit. Sleep routine. Personal development. Mindfulness.
Nutrition Challengers will also be required to select at least one nutrition habit to enhance training sessions, support energy levels and improve recovery. Meal prep. Performance fuel. PN protocol.

Are you ready for MORE?!?!

Self-motivated, hard working and goal oriented individuals have a vision and a mission for their life. They are in charge of their life. They set out to achieve great accomplishments.

They don’t just do it for themselves! They do it for their family, they do it to inspire their kids, they do it to lead those around them, they do it to overcome challenge, they do it to keep their inner athlete alive, they do it for continual growth!

2020 is here – Chase the goals you have put off for years.

We are embarking on a new decade. 2020 is around the corner. How do you want to live life in 2020?!?! Do you want another year to fly by. Status quo. Stagnant progress. OR do you want to live life to the absolute fullest. Fill your days with Purpose, Passion and Pursuit!


The NYBY Kick-Off Party will be on January 4th, immediately following the Saturday HIIT workout with official tracking beginning on Monday, January 6th and running until February 14th.

Join us in the 2020 New Year Best You Challenge to redefine who you are. 

Interested in making a lifestyle change in 2020? Email us to see if LP is the right fit for you to start living the Fit Life.

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