The Fit Life – 2019.6 – Morning After…

¬†“The ordinary wait for the energy to do the work. The extraordinary do the work to get the energy. “

– Robin Sharma

Feeling a little tense in the morning after an LP workout? Little slow getting out of bed, not only because of this cold weather but because you’re starting to feel that last rep.

The main causes of lower back stiffness we see are:

  • Tight glutes
  • Tight hamstrings
  • Limited rotation (internal/external)

Incorporating some stretches in your morning routine will help getting out of bed somewhat easier. Here are three simple stretches that can be done before leaving your bed to help that morning after back stiffness.

Knee To Chest (hamstrings)

Knee To Chest Stretch

First stretch to warm up the lower back, just as the name suggests you are bringing your knee to your chest. This is done lying down on your back.

  • Hold for 5-10 sec
  • Repeat 5 times each side
  • Can have the leg that is not working bent instead of straight (more comfortable on low back)

Knee To Opposite Shoulder (glutes)

Second stretch is bringing your knee to the opposite shoulder, same idea as the knee to chest. This is done lying down on your back.

  • Hold for 5-10 sec
  • Repeat 5 times each side

Windshield Wipers (rotation)

Third and final stretch is knee rolling. This is done lying down on your back with both knees bent. You are then moving both knees from the center to one side far as they can go without lifting your hips off the bed, back to the middle and then the other side. 

  • ¬†Hold 5 seconds at the bottom of each side
  • Repeat 5 times per side

Hopefully these three stretches will wake up your lower back and make it less of a struggle to leave your warm, comfy bed.

And if things are still seeming to be a bit stiff or tight, I may see you on Thursday night for phsyio for an assessment and help you get back to 100%!

Coach Megan

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