The Fit Life – 2020.03 – Performance Partners

Picture yourself showing up on race day, nervous, excited and anxious BUT ready to crush your goal! Because 6-months ago you began planning and preparing for your Race! Today you will crush your first 10k, Half Marathon, Marathon, Triathalon, Ironman, CrossFit Competition or whichever insane Pursuit you have been preparing for!

BUT remember 6-months ago when you had NO clue where or how to get started! Do I just start running a lot? What gear do I buy? Where do I swim? What skills should I focus on? How do I prevent injury?

All VERY valid questions for any newbie or even amateur in their sport looking to take their training to the next level! AND as we enter into 2020 FULL SPEED ahead! 3-months, 6-months or even 8-months out from our Race Day, we have taken out as many of the “Who, What, When, Why, Where and Hows” as possible so that the super busy, hard working LP Members can crush their goals while getting on with their day-to-day lives!

To do this we have surrounded the LP Members with a group of Sport Specific Specialist Coaches to help them build a plan to attack their goals! Oh ya, and help them overcome any obstacles that jump out and bite them along the way!

Meet your Performance Partners:

Coach Mark Cullen – Endurance Coach

Mark has been competing in endurance events for nearly 10 years. Combining this with his Kinesiology degree and love for learning he has been helping endurance athletes of all levels push the limits of what they thought were possible and integrate training and racing into the demands of their life.

He has been part of the LP team for the last year and led the Triathlon group with training plans and in person coaching clinics in 2019 leading them to success in the Milton Sprint Triathalon, Welland Long Course Triathalon and Scotiabank Half/Full Marathon!

Mark has created general plans for those looking to tackle endurance running and triathlon events with an option for personal coaching for those interested. He is most excited to be joining the crew in the trenches of the day to day work as he plans to race a number of endurance events leading up to Ironman Florida in November.

Coach Lizzy Hughes – Trail Running/OCR Coach

“This is me! I got into the trail community young and managed to complete my first 100 mile race when I was 19. I have been enjoying long races on the trail ever since. 

This past year I joined LP while I was training for my third 200 mile race. I utilized the strength workouts (Monday/Wednesday/Friday) the most and quickly saw my strength increase. These heavy weight workouts gave me the extra strength to push through the mountains for four days, and helped me land 10th female in my race while cutting off 12 hours from my previous best time.

I am excited to introduce the LP community to the trail community, which are both welcoming and fun to be part of. I believe that the strength that LP athletes have gained in the gym will easily translate to fun and exciting opportunities in the trail scene!”

Coach Chad Mueller – CrossFit Coach

Chad has been heavily involved in the LP Family for the past five years. He loves pushing through LP workouts, and spending extra time in the cave. He is a major ambassador in the LP community and wants to continue to share his passion of CrossFit with others.

Chad is going to help you understand and develop what is needed to attack your next CrossFit challenge, focusing on:

The CrossFit Season, Practice vs Training & Skill Development

Chad is an ongoing learner of CrossFit (with his primed 6’5” CrossFit physique) and has turned his attention from “throwing-down” to educating. He is passionate in supporting athletes in reaching their first muscle-up, or crushing a new PR time in a CrossFit classic. While there are hundreds of CrossFit Experts, Chad is here to help filter out the noise and transfer all the knowledge into simple principles, building a framework for CrossFit success at any level.

We got this LP Fam! 2020 is OUR Year!

Team LP is super excited to help all of you create the ultimate plan for success in 2020 and if you haven’t already downloaded the FREE Training Plan that gets you the most excited to pursue in 2020 and be sure to show up on Race Day Ready to CRUSH your Goals – Do It!

Have Massive Fitness Goals in 2020?!?!

Email us and let us know your Goal so we can connect you with the correct Coach to start making your perfect plan today!

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