The Fit Life – 2020.04 – Mind Over Matter

Wendy Pauls’ 2019 journey to building a growth mindset, overcoming obstacles with positive self talk and goal setting focused on process, performance and outcome goals has helped the rest of us create a framework for success in 2020!

Last year for the NYBY Challenge, Wendy committed to choose an event she would complete in 2019. She ended up choosing her very first triathlon – an Ironman 70.3. One of the reasons she chose that event was she wasn’t 100% sure she could do it. She was reasonably confident about the bike and run…but she didn’t know how to do the front crawl. Her default mindset in athletics is fixed – She doesn’t like doing things she’s not good at and learning to swim would mean being a beginner, making a lot of mistakes.

When she started her training, she couldn’t even do one lap in the pool. She had to work up to that. She made progress and was feeling pretty good until she hit a major setback. It was her first open water swim training event – an 800 metre loop (she planned to do twice) followed by a 5 K run. Something went wrong within the first couple minutes and it was a disaster. She struggled to finish one lap. This was about 6 weeks before event day. Her default response? “I am f-ed.”

But her mantra she had chosen for this training was “I will find a way, or make one”. So she decided to try to find a way. For her, that meant completely changing her swim approach. She bought an online course based on a recommendation and started practising uber basic drills in the pool. She didn’t know if it would work, but she had to try something. 

On race day – July 28. She swam 1,950 metres without stopping and went on to complete the bike and run to cross the finish line. She will tell you to demonstrate the power of mindset, “if I hadn’t adopted a growth mindset at the very beginning, I wouldn’t have even registered. And when I experienced the major setback, I would have spared myself by dropping out.”

She believes LP has helped her shift toward a growth mindset. How? 

  • emphasizing practice and skill development
  • emphasizing persistence 
  • encouraging everyone at THEIR level
  • acknowledging progress 
  • recently “element of doubt” – not shying away from possible failure
  • Choosing the hard thing on purpose!! 

Learning over the past year at LP that conquering MASSIVE Goals is a PHYSICAL & MENTAL task that takes support in both spectrums.

To support us all on our journeys in 2020, we have built a super powered Mental Performance Team to guide us on our journey and prepare us for the Challenges ahead. Meet Life Coach Wendy Pauls and Mental Performance Coach Shelby Rodden-Aubut.

Meet your Mental Performance Coaches:

Shelby Aubut – Mental Performance Coach

“My interest in sport psychology began when I was playing competitive hockey and has continued to grow and develop ever since.

Now in my PhD at Laurier for Kinesiology, I run mental performance sessions for student-athletes to help move their performance from better to best.

I want to bring performance focused mental skills to the LP challenge to help everyone develop and train both their bodies and minds through simple skills to facilitate stronger performance. I’m excited to help athletes not only achieve their goals but transform their lifestyles!”

Here is a sneak peak into what Shelby has been helping the NYBY Challengers with as they conquer their pursuit!

Wendy Pauls – Professionally Trained Life Coach

Wendy is a professionally trained Life Coach and a Certified Teacher/Trainer of Adults. She is passionate about empowering people like you to be their best selves. Part therapist, part cheerleader, part self-help tutor, part friend, part nag — Wendy seeks to do for your life what a personal trainer does for your body.

Wendy has been a committed LP member for five years. She loves breaking a good sweat (“earning” her shower) and appreciates the encouragement and accountability of the LP coaches and fellow members

Wendy is helping the NYBY Challengers in the following ways:

  • Defining a Mantra and a WHY around their Goals
  • Adopting a Growth Mindset
  • Overcoming Obstacles & Setbacks

Learn more about Wendy Pauls and how she can help you with your massive goals by visiting her website.

Have Massive Fitness Goals in 2020?!?!

Email us and let us know your Goal so we can connect you with the correct Coach to start making your perfect plan today!

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