The Fit Life – 2020.05 – I AM AN LP COACH

I AM AN LP COACH and my role is to lead, motivate, inspire, educate and support a group of self-motivated and goal-oriented individuals, looking for the proven tools and resources to live a high-performance lifestyle.  

I understand that the LP Member wants to follow a leading-edge program with guaranteed results. They want to be led by motivating, inspiring and educated coaches. They want to be surrounded by a highly motivated community of like-minded individuals who are also in the pursuit of living their best life!

Heading into 2020 your Team of LP Coaches are more inspired than ever to lead, motivate, inspire, educate and support you in your pursuit to living a high-performance lifestyle and conquer your health and fitness goals!

LP Coaches Role:

  • Lead & Inspire through leading by example in their own health and fitness on a daily basis. Attacking and conquering their fitness pursuits. Living The Fit Life with their Fitness, Nutrition & Recovery.
  • Motivate & Support you each and every time you come to LP to conquer what you never imagined possible. Pushing harder, running faster and lifting more than you did yesterday. Finally, Pushing you to be a little better each and every day because we care about your Goals as much as you do.
  • Educate & Guide you as your experts in regards to your fitness, nutrition and training because we know the LP Member is always improving and always looking for ways to get better in all aspects of their lives.

Meet Your LP Coaches

Coach Adam Voll

Former Ryerson University Basketball Star, turned Strength Coach and Nutrition Guru, Adam is ready to share his passion and expertise for Strength Training, Athletic Training and Nutrition. Look no further than Coach Adam for advanced cues and pointers on your big lifts. Coach Adam is super excited to be a part of the LP Family and can’t wait to smash some fitness goals alongside everyone this year!!!

Coach Glorian Ganza

Former University of Waterloo Running Back, Glorian is a phenomenal athlete sharing his passion for fitness, training and high performance with all of the LP Members. Glorian is not just a Coach, he is the Energizer Bunny giving the LP Members the confidence and encouragement they need to crush their goals! Want to get Stronger, Faster and more explosive, look to Coach Glow for your Fitness Goals!

Coach Katie Jamieson

Coach KTJ has been an LP member for over three years and is super excited to use the skills she has learned from her Master’s of Education to push you through a great workout! Coach KTJ is an absolute conditioning MONSTER, whether on the Rower, Bike or out on a Run, she is a force to be reckoned with! In her 3 years at LP, Coach KTJ has grown tremendously as an athlete, and she is excited to help others in the LP family to do the same by motivating and supporting you to set and crush BIG goals.

Coach Brock Emrich

Brock is an LP Original. Starting at LP as a Hockey Youngster he has developed an incredible level of fitness over the years with insane strength, mobility and technique in everything he does. Brock has MASSIVE Crossfit Goals over the next couple of years as he finishes up his hockey career and heads into the fitness world year round! Brock is excited for the opportunity to finally share what he has learned over the years to help you take your fitness to the next level!

Coach Laura Lee Dam

Coach LL can do it all! A MOM of two, Regional Manager and now Fitness Coach! Coach LL grew up as an athlete like many of us, but when life got busy she put her health aside for her family and career, until she met LP! Join Coach LL as she continues to challenge herself to do what she never imagined possible in her health and fitness! Because, after 5+ Years of transforming her own health and fitness and taking ownership of her life back, she is on fire to help all of the LP Members do the same!

Coach Megan Bezruki

Coach Meg is a savy LP Veteran who has brought so much to the table for LP, specializing in PRE-HAB and acting as the in-house LP Physiotherapist Assistant. Also, Coach Meg is no stranger to the Competition floor, getting her first taste of the CrossFit Open and hungry for more! Coach Meg is “The Members” Coach connecting, relating and sympathizing with YOUR aches and pains! She’s always there for a good heart to heart about her “favourite” LP Workouts 😉

Coach Alex Demrovsky

Coach Alex is like an encyclopedia when it comes to anything and everything strength, mobility, gymnastics and conditioning! Coach Alex has a MASSIVE Passion for sharing the knowledge he has learned to help you CRUSH your Goals. Coach Alex is hyper-focused on getting better everyday. He takes his training very seriously and is always looking for ways to improve. You can catch Coach Alex Lifting Huge Weights, Crushing Conditioning Workouts or Flying high on the Chin-up Bar or Rings!

Coach Morgan Scoyne

Coach Morgan; the friend you wish you always had, always there to listen, cares about your goals as much as you do and has incredible knowledge and wisdom to share! You can count on Coach Morgan to push you hard in your workouts, sweat it out alongside you as your #1 Fan and always be there for a conversation about your goals, dreams and ambitions! Follow Coach Morgan’s lead as she embarks on the next chapter of her career and continues to make her health and fitness a massive priority in her life!

Coach Michelle de Jong

The Boss! Accountability is the name of the game. If you are looking for a Coach to to push you each workout to hit your targets and hit your numbers, Coach Michelle will do just that. After years of Varsity level sports, Coach Michelle knows how to set goals, make a plan and attack it! Follow Coach Michelle as she constantly pushes outside of her comfort zone to learn, grow and develop her knowledge, wisdom and abilities in all aspects of her life!

Coach Adam de Jong

Your Fearless leader! Look to Coach Adam to spearhead the next insane endeavour for the LP Family, program the next insane block of workouts and lead the way in training and competition! Coach Adam will be your #1 Cheerleader whether you hit a personal best or push it to the limit on a conditioning workout. Status quo is not in Coach Adam’s vocabulary, follow his journey and chase him on the way to your next insane feat of fitness!

Results = Hard Work + Goals + Plan + Accountability

Email us and let us know your Goal so we can connect you with the correct Coach to start making your perfect plan today!

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