The Fit Life – 2020.09 – Your Mental Edge

Meet Shelby Rodden-Aubut, Wilfred Laurier University, PHD Student – Specializing in Sport Psychology in Kinesiology! Shelby is beyond passionate about The Mental Edge and helping Young Athletes and Corporate Athletes gain an advantage over their competition by training the Mental side of their sport or career!

Shelby introduced the LP Members to the Athlete Mental Performance (AMP) Model in the 2020 New Year Best You Challenge and from her research with the LP Challengers she has designed 7 Key Components of Mental Performance to help the LP Members get an Edge!

3 Key Components of Training

To start, Shelby helped LP Challengers understand the 3 Key Components of Training for any sport or position. The Technical, Physical and Mental Factors that affect your performance. Each factor should be trained equally to perform at the highest level possible.

After breaking down the 3 Key Components, Shelby had each Challenger self-evaluate their Technical, Physical and Mental Performance with a Performance Profile identifying their overall Personal Performance.

After completing the Performance Profile, Challengers ranked and identified areas of most needed improvement and created a Mental Performance Plan!

Shelby then collected the data and summarized the most common areas of improvement and focus to build the 7 Key Components of Mental Performance as identified by the LP Challengers.

The 7 Key Components of Mental Performance

(1)  Positive Re-Framing

Taking your negative thoughts and changing them toward a positive outlook. It is common to have an inherent tendency toward a more negative internal dialogue. Learning to shift thoughts from negative to positive will assist in performance capacities as well as daily challenges.

CLICK HERE to watch Shelby’s lesson on Positive Re-Framing

(2)  Goal Setting

Learning to set goals following a SMART goals framework. Using a range of performance, process, and outcome goals, athletes can strive to challenge themselves and to excel at whatever they put their minds to.

CLICK HERE to watch Shelby’s lesson on Goal Setting

(3)  Self Talk

Learning how to control that little voice inside of our heads. We can work to use that voice for instruction or motivation shifting the usual negative internal dialogue to positive.

CLICK HERE to watch Shelby’s lesson on Self Talk

(4)  Motivation

Applying Social Determination Theory, and Achievement Goal Theory to understand how we can shift our perspectives on performance and continue to pursue goals and challenges even when times get tough or we start to lose sight of our end goals. Ultimately we are aiming to find a passion that we can pursue for the sake of itself.

CLICK HERE to watch Shelby’s lesson on Motivation

(5)  Confidence

Placing self confidence within the context of sport and physical activity. Understanding your personal sources of confidence and the impacts of different types of self-confidences on your personal performance. Self confidence fosters an opportunity to thrive in the environment, and helps to overcome any obstacle and achieve challenging goals.

CLICK HERE to watch Shelby’s lesson on Self Confidence

(6)  Imagery

Working through the 2 perspectives of imagery (1st and 3rd) and applying all senses, imagery can be applicable across all sporting contexts. Using 2 example scripts, imagery was applied to a general performance application and one for injury recovery.

CLICK HERE to watch Shelby’s lesson on Imagery

(7) Anxiety

Understanding the most important aspect that anxiety is a neutral emotion. Through our perceptions of the event and of what we have to contribute towards the execution of a task, we can shift our anxiety into a positive emotion. Individuals function optimally at different levels of arousal. Learning where you function best and how to get yourselves there is key to optimizing your performance.

CLICK HERE to watch Shelby’s lesson on Anxiety

Your Mental Performance will take you to the next level in your sport, in your career, in your relationships and in your life. Employ the same amount of time and energy into your Mental Performance as you do into your Technical and Physical Performance.

Follow Shelby and The Athlete Mental Performance Team as they aim to shift the focus of Performance to a more holistic approach for athletes, professionals and everyone in between!

You can catch Shelby at an LP Workout, Rugby Practice, Teaching at Laurier or working with her team at lululemon as she puts her research into action each and everyday! Learn from Shelby and follow her journey online or in person. Email her now to chat more about YOUR Mental Edge and Mental Performance! EMAIL NOW

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