The Fit Life – 2020.10 – Fascial Stretching Therapy

In short, Fascia is a wide spread connective tissue system running deep around our muscles, bones, ligaments and organs.  Fascial Stretch Therapy™ is a pain free stretch routine, opening up tissue restrictions and improving mobility and movement.

Sydney Vaughan, RMT, FST, PT

We were first introduced to Sydney Vaughan, Fascial Stretching Therapist through a fellow LP Member who was raving about her treatment that combined the soft tissue benefits of massage therapy and full body stretching into one.

“It’s like having your own stretching coach” she said. After the treatment she felt less tension in her hips and shoulders, but more importantly she could squat better and move better. Oh ya, and it stayed. With some homework exercises from Syd that she did before her workouts, her body didn’t just go back to its old ways, the release of the fascia held and she was able to maintain a new level of mobility.

Like I mentioned, Sydney Vaughan is a Certified Personal Trainer, Massage Therapist and Fascial Stretching Therapist. Syd, like many LP Members grew up playing high level sports, her specialty was Soccer. She has translated that passion for sport and performance over to her career as a movement and performance specialist.

Syd, loves helping her clients perform better in their sport and feel better in life. Syd is extremely passionate combining massage, fascial stretching and personal training together to help her clients move better, feel better and perform better.

Welcome to the LP Team!

Limitless Performance is extremely excited to Officially Welcome Sydney Vaughan to our Team of Performance Partners. Syd has already immersed herself into the LP Community through LP Workouts, the CrossFit Open, lululemon 10k and Scotiabank Half Marathon! Helping Members with their fitness goals, while crushing her own goals!


Syd will be booking 60 and 90 minute appointments on Friday’s at LP. You will be able to book in with Syd through the LP APP under Member Services and Treatments or through the Mindbody Site! CLICK HERE

In your first treatment with Syd, you can expect Syd to initially assess your movement patterns and diagnose any noticeable areas of limitation. Her treatments will start by correcting any spinal and pelvic (hips) limitations, working from the trunk out, before targeting any joint specific issues. Before you leave, Syd will provide you with simple homework exercises to ensure that the work completed holds and you continue to reap the benefits in your training and sport.

We are looking forward to having Syd a part of the LP Team of Performance Partners as a Therapist and resource for the LP Family to learn from through workshops, coaching and treatment.

If you are not a Member and interested in booking with Syd, simply create an account and you will be able to book online – CLICK HERE

Fitness is a priority in our life. If we feel great, then we can be great.  Even though we may have different goals, we all have the same mindset. We offer a variety of packages at a variety of prices, you’ll be able to find one that suits your goals and your schedule.

Click the image below and select the best option to test drive the LP Training Program!

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