Think Like A Champion – Mandy Bujold & Kim Dawnson

Where Success Starts

We need a plan, we need to put effort into that plan and that includes THINKING. How we think can influence our overall performance and success. According to Olympic Boxing Champ Mandy Bujold and Professor in Sports/Exercise Psychology Kim Dawson, it all starts with your attitude and how you perceive your goals happening.

It starts with your MINDSET

Mandy & Kim’s very own top 5 keys to success and how they crushes their goals day in and day out. 

Step 1 – Clearly Identify your Goals

Find your WHY. Why are you doing what you’re doing? Why you’re doing what you’re doing = who you are. Your purpose, your goal, what is it? This is what fuels you and keeps you in focus. Once you find your why, put constant reminders both mentally and physically around you, write it on your fridge, on your nightstand, tell it to yourself every morning and every night. Keeping your focus on the WHY is what’s get’s you there.

Step 2 – Create a Winning Team

Surround yourself with people who motivate and push you, people who you want to see succeed and to succeed with. Creating a positive environment fuels growth and constant progress.

Step 3 – Learn from Failures

It’s good to fail. Failing forces us to go back to the basics, back to what we’re good at and what our strengths are so we can REFOCUS and try a different approach for our goals. Build from your strengths but don’t rely on them. Constantly try to eliminate your weaknesses.

Step 4 – Control the Controllable

The way you think, feel and do is 100 % in your control, your attitude and effort and two things no one else can influence without your control. If you think positive, you will feel positive and therefore you should produce positive outcomes.

Step 5 – What do YOU Define as Success

Ignore what every one else thinks. What does success look like for YOURSELF. It’s different for everyone. No one else’s success should take away from your own and vice versa. You’re here to meet your standards alone and no one else’s – so own it!

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