Three Year Retrospective

Adam –
I cannot believe it has been almost three years since I started working with others to improve their Fitness, Athletics, and Health goals! In the three years I have created so many great relationships with all of my clients. Some young, old, athletic, fit, and of course always looking for a trainer and coach to push them to achieve their goals! I truly love working with others and helping them work through the struggles and triumphs along the way to their end goal!

Over these three years, I guess you could say I have done just enough to stay in shape and fit but, I truly have not pushed myself in this time. When Michelle and I were discussing the “365 Challenge” it gave me that feeling that I felt in the gym or on the ice, that feeling of excitement and nervous energy which we all strive for! As we start our journey in 2013 I am excited to test my mind and body to achieve new goals and strive for new achievements!

I am looking forward to the battle ahead! The highs, the lows, the struggles, the triumphs and of course the victory at the end of it all! Let’s make 2013 a year where we all push each other to be faster, stronger, fitter, smarter, and healthier than we have been before!